Save time and make a bigger difference

Virtual assistance for eco-conscious entrepreneurs


How can I help you?


It can be pretty overwhelming dealing with everything it takes to be an entrepreneur these days, especially one that’s trying to save the planet!  Every choice we make in business reflects our values. Why should outsourcing be any different?

As an eco-minded virtual assistant, I provide sustainable solutions and alternatives to your normal business practices. I cross off some of the mundane (yet super necessary) tasks from your to-do list so that you have more time to focus on WHY you started your business.











Administrative Solutions

Every business has mundane tasks that have to get done.
But they take up a lot of your time.
Outsource and feel the weight lifted off your shoulders.

Graphic Design

Build a brand that connects with your audience and expresses your mission and values effectively.

Social Media

You need to be where your customers and clients are online. Let’s show them what you’re all about

I ‘m Davey,

the Eco Helper.

I help eco-minded, change-makin’, purpose-driven,
butt-kickin’, superhero business owners (like you!). 

I will keep you organized, connected to your customers, and
visible to your audience, so you can focus on your business
while I take on the mundane tasks eating up your day.